low cost voice translation

How much does it cost? why so cheap?

Automation is key to cost, we can download and change the voice language automatically without any human intervention, quickly and efficently at a cost of $5 + $1 per minute!, so for example a 4 minute video would cost $9 U.S.
Quick and easy delivery, just enter your youtube link and we take care of the rest and let you know when the newly translated video is ready.
You don't pay anything until you want to download the final full quality video.

Any Limitations?

Currently we have a 15 minute video limit due to processing time it takes to translate a video, when you place an order this limit is doubled, these limts will be increased later as we get bigger and have more computing power!
Currently we support one Female voice, although it is different for different languages to match the type of voice for that language.
Current Languages Supported are English to Spanish, French, German & Portuguese. we will be adding more!

Automatically Translate Videos!

Ok, How is this possible? Why doesn't YouTube do this?

Vocal Translation technology has improved emensly of the years and we're at a breakthru point of precise automatic language translation.

We've taken all the latest technologies and put them together to achive good video translation results. YouTube is good at many things but auto-translation isn't YouTube's priority yet!

What about my Soundtracks & Background noises?

Flavoi uses cutting edge technologies to extract only the voice from the audio track, so you retain all the background noises and music in the translated version. Everything is slotted in, in perfect time of the original voice track without having to remix and without the source video, audio and music editor files.

How do I improve my language translation?

Editing the atuomated / created subtitles within youtube will improve the translation and voice over. translating to the same language e.g. English to English is a good start so you can hear the automated voice generated.

How do I get started?

Create a login account then enter a youtube link to translate in the login portal. all the processing and language translation is automatically taken care of for you. you can then download the final video created in the language selected and upload it to youtube. You don't pay anything until you want to download the final full quality video.

What do I get when I order?

  • Download Access to the full quality video with audio language mixed like in the preview but without any watermarks.
  • Clipboard Access to the Title, Description and Keywords Tags in the translated language, so you can easily copy & paste them into YouTube.
  • Download Access to the Translated Subtitle file which can be loaded into YouTube.
  • Download Access to the Translated Voice audio wav file without any watermarks, so you can re-mix it in your video yourself.
  • How long are the files stored for?

    All orders videos / audio files are stored for 14 days before they are automatically deleted.
    All other submitted are automatically deleted after 5 days.